Income from property tax is important for improving quality of life in your municipality. In addition to income from property tax, also other municipal incomes are used for this kind of projects.

Investments results


We are sorry but due to the effects of Covid 19 the work with reporting municipal investments has been delayed.  We are working to get the information in place.



Responsibility for the accuracy of the information belongs to the municipality of Ferizaj.

Projektet e realizuara

Asphalting of road in Zllatar25,000.00 €
Ashpalting of roads in village Jezerc40,000.00 €
Asphalting of roads in village Neredime e Eperme30,000.00 €
Collector of fecal sewage in village Jezerc50,000.00 €
Asphalting of roads in Cernille20,000.00 €
Repair of new pavements in different city neighborhoods and villages around the highway50,000.00 €
Adjustment of green spaces in village Pleshine e Eperme at the school20,000.00 €
Sewage in road “AT Nik Prela”50,000.00 €
Sewage and repair of pavement in Street Riza Matoshi50,000.00 €
Fecal sewage and Water supply tube in street “Viktor Hygo”15,000.00 €
Repair of sewage and street “Halil Alidemaj”34,000.00 €
Water supply in one neighborhood in Dremjak Dremjak -Lagja Haziraj43,000.00 €



Responsibility for the accuracy of the information belongs to the municipality of Ferizaj.

Realized Projects

Asphalting of road in Softaj30,000.00€
Asphalting of street Rexhep Mala and conjunction with road Marije Kraja 50,000.00€
Asphalting of road Rahovice -Mirash 50,000.00€
Asphalting of road in Talinoc te Jerlive road around the tubes factory 55,000.00€
Asphalting of alleys in Talinoc te Muhaxherve30,000.00€
Water supply and asphalting of road in neighborhood “Bajram Curri” in village Gaqke74,000.00€
Asphalting of roads in Dardani 50,000.00€
Asphalting of street Sali Ceku20,000.00€
Construction of city center, phase II128,000.00€
Asphalting of roads in Dremjak40,000.00 €
Asphalting of roads in village Mirash30,000.00 €
Water supply and fecal sewage in street “Muharrem Shemsedini “12,000.00 €
Atmospheric sewage and re-asphalting of street “Hasan Prishtina “70,000.00 €
Asphalting of street “Milan Shuflaj “38,000.00 €
Four-lane asphalting of street Cen Dugolli and Reçakut from the Police100,000.00€
Asphalting of road in village Bibaj40,000.00 €
Asphalting of conjunction of neigjborhood Cakaj with school, Meresalë25,000.00 €
Asphalting of alleys in Nerodime e Ulët40,000.00 €
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