Register changes in your property

You must report all changes in the use of the property. You must also report extension in the property that may affect the appraised value more than 5,000.00 €. If your property suffers from damages that might affect the appraised value more than 5,000 Euros you can request a complementary appraisal.

You must self-declare the following to your Property Tax Office. Use one of the forms for Self-Declaration.

Self- Declaration forms must be submitted within 30 days from the date when the change/extension is made, but not later than November 30. For those who do not register in time fines will apply.

Examples of changes that must be self-declared;

Extension of a house is one example of changes that should be self-declared within in 30 days.
  • If you have a field and you build a family house on it, the value category should be changed from “field” to “parcel for family house”.
  • If you have an apartment and you turn this into a restaurant, the value category will change from apartment to restaurant.
  • If you have a one floor family house and you add a second floor, this extension will affect the area (m2) and the value of the house.

The Property Tax Department will make a complementary appraisal if the changes are expected to change the value of the property more than 5,000.00 €.

Article 18.8 to 18.10 of Law No. 06/L – 005 On Immovable Property Tax

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