Do not risk any fines!

Make sure you and your property is correctly registered to avoid the risk of having to pay fines.

You have to register when you come into possession of a property correctly in the Property tax registers. You must also register changes in usage of the property as well as extensions in the property.

You must also allow municipal officers to enter for inspection of your property. If you don’t do this you will have to pay a fine.

You have to register:

The following fines can apply:

  • Fine for failing to register possession of a property. – 30% of the assessed tax.
  • Fine for refusing inspection of a property. – 30 % of the assessed tax.
  • Fine for not declaring changes in the property – 200% of difference in assessed tax.
  • Fine for more than one primary residence – 100 Euros in each municipality

Article 35 of Law No. 06/L – 005 On Immovable Property Tax.

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