When to pay

Payment of assessed tax is divided into two installments, to be paid April 30 and September 30. Debts should be paid immediately. If you pay later you will be charged fine and interest.

To avoid fines and interested it is important that you do not pay later than the due dates. They are normally:

  • Immediately – Debts
  • April 30 – First installment
  • September 30 – Second installment

If Ministry of Finance or Municipalities decide to issue the bill later than January 31, the due dates for first installment will be postponed accordingly. You will always find current dates in the bill.

If due date is on a holiday or weekend your deadline for payment is extended to the next business day.

If your payment is late, you will have to pay:

  • fine of 10% of the unpaid tax
  • An interest of 0,65% of the unpaid tax for every month of delay.

Pay in time to avoid fines and interest!

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