How to pay

You can pay your bill in different ways. It is important to notice that your payment firstly will cover your debts and secondly this year’s assessed tax.

Ways to pay

You can pay your property tax in any of the following ways.

  • Visiting a bank licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo
  • E-banking
  • In Postal Offices or other licensed institutions
  • In the municipality for amounts up to 10 €

If you live abroad you have different alternatives for paying your property tax. Read more here.

Distribution of payment

If your bill includes more than one unit, your payment will be distributed proportionally to the different units.

For each unit, your payment will be distributed in the following order:

  1. Debts ¹
  2. Current year’s tax, fines and interest

This means that if you make a payment that does not cover both debts from previous years and the assessed tax for this year for all your units you will have to pay a fine for late payment this year!

Example: Payment does not cover both tax and debts


Due date first installment: April 30
Fine: 10% of unpaid tax
Interest: 0.65% of unpaid tax per month

Dukagjin recieved his bill with the following information:

First installment: 20 €
Second installment: 20 €
Debts: 10 €

He pays 20 € on April 30. The payment will be distributed in the following way:

Amount to payAmount paidUnpaid
Debts10 € 10 € 0
First installment20 € 10 € 10 €

Since the first installment is not fully paid, Dukagjin will hade to pay also the following:

Fine 10% = 1 €
Interest 0,65% = 6.5 cents for each month of delayed payment

¹ If you have debts from several years, The payment will be distributed to debts in chronological order. This means that payment will firstly be distributed to the oldest debts.

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