Deferral of payment

In exceptional cases, it is possible to apply for a deferral of payment for two years without enforced collection, fines and interest. 

Under exceptional circumstances, it is possible to defer payment of your property tax. To be able to do this the following must be applicable:

  • The deferral applies to a specific tax bill.
  • The property concerned is your primary residence.
  • Paying the tax would lead to undue hardship for you.
  • You can present substantial evidence supporting your undue hardship.

During the time of deferral, the following will not be applied:

  • Enforced collection
  • Fines for late payment
  • Interest for late payment
  • Deferral of payment can be granted for maximum two years, with a possibility of extension for two more years.

If you want to apply for a deferral of your tax you must submit the form for deferral of payment to your municipality.

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