Are all your properties included in a bill?

It is important to check that you get a specification of assessed tax for all your properties.

You should get a Bill from each municipality where you have a property. This year, your bill should include a Specification of Assessed Tax for each parcel and object you have in the municipality, except agricultural parcels.

If you did not get a Specification of assessed tax for all of your properties there can be four reasons:

  • It is an agricultural parcel (these are not taxed 2019 or 2020).
  • Your total tax liabilities in that specific municipality are less than 3 €.
  • The municipality does not have a correct address to where they can send the Specification of assessed tax.  This is especially a risk for parcels without objects (buildings).
  • You are not correctly registered as owner/possessor of the property.

If you did not get a specification for all your parcels and objects, please visit your property tax office to:

  • Get a specification (unless tax is under 3 € or it is an agricultural parcel).
  • Register your personal number for all your properties to avoid this problem in the future.
  • Register as liable taxpayer for the property.

This is very important, as you are liable to pay tax for all properties (parcels and objects) that you own or possess. Fines and interest will be charged for all unpaid taxes regardless if the bill could be delivered to you or not.

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