About the bill

From 2019 you will get only one property tax bill from each municipality. The bill will be sent to the address of the taxpayer.

The property tax bill shall include all properties (parcels and objects) that you own or possess in a specific municipality. If you have properties in many municipalities, you will get one bill from each municipality.

Please check that all your properties are included in a bill. If not – contact your municipality.

All bills will be sent to the address of the taxpayer, not to the address of each property.

As all properties in a muinicipality are gathered in one bill, you will only have to pay one fee in the bank.

The following will be sent to your address:

  • The actual bill, which is a summary of the total amount to pay for all properties included in the bill
  • One specification of assessed tax for each object and parcel unit. This specification shows, applicable deductions, taxable value, assessed tax, applicable tax rate, etc. for the specific unit.

In the specification you will also see any debts or advance payment made for that specific property.

If you want more information you can get the following from our e-service “Print bill” or from your municipality:

  • Certificate of Appraised Value for all units that were appraised 2018 and later
  • A specification of assessed value for objects appraised according to the old legislation (for 2020 this applies to commercial and industrial objects)
  • a specification of debts

If the total amount to pay is under 3 euros a bill will not be issued.

Legal reference: Article 21 and 36 of Law No. 06/L-005 On Immovable Property Tax.

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