Becoming owner or possessor of a property?

If you are planning to buy a property or in any other way coming into possession of a property there are some things you should know.

❶You will be liable to pay property tax

When you own or in any other way possess a property, you are liable to pay property tax for that property.

Please note that any unpaid tax of this year and debts from previous years follow the property. It is therefore very important that you regulate this in the contract with the previous owner/possessor so you do not end up paying someone else’s debts.

You can check with the property tax office if there are any debts on the property.

❷You must register your possession in the property tax register

Within 30 days from becoming possessor of a property, you must register this in the property tax register.  Read more here

If you do not register in time, you risk fines.

❸You should check registered information

One of the first things you should do as new possessor is to check all registered information for the property to assure that everything is correct, otherwise you risk paying incorrect property tax, and having to pay fines for not registering the correct information.

We recommend you to check the information in the Certificate of appraised value. You can get that at your municipal property tax office or in the E-office if you have registered your personal number.

For more about what information to check see the article “Something wrong?  Make it right!”

❹You should register your personal number in the property tax register

If you register the property with your personal number at your municipal property tax office, you will be able to get your property tax bill, Certificate of appraised value, etc.  on-line.

❺Register Primary residence

If the property has a building that you will use as your primary residence you should register the property as your primary residence to get the deduction of 15 000€ from the appraised value.

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