When appraisal is carried out

Appraisal is usually done every third year. If a property is subject to change, an appraisal can be done earlier. There are two types of appraisal General appraisal and Complementary appraisal.

This article explains when appraisal is carried out.

When appraisal is carried out (2:53 min)

There are two different types of appraisal:

  • General appraisal – for all properties of a specific category
  • Complementary appraisal – for properties subject to change
This image shows when general and complementary appraisals are performed. A general appraisal is performed to capture changes over time. A complementary appraisal is performed to capture changes in a specific property.

General appraisal

The appraised value shall reflect the market value. To capture changes over time in the market value a general appraisal will be performed every 3rd or 5th year.

Appraisal is performed regularly in a specific interval. The interval is 3 years for all property categories except industrial.

In a general appraisal, all properties in a specific property category are appraised. Value zones and value levels are determined. The value levels show the value per square meter within a specific value zone.

The appraised value, determined in a general appraisal, is valid until the next general appraisal takes place – unless the property is subject to changes. This means that for most properties the appraised value will be valid for three years.

General appraisal is planned to be carried out according to the following:

2018 All parcels in all property categories
Agricultural objects
2019 Residential parcels and objects
2020 Commercial parcels and objects
Industrial parcels and objects
2021 Agricultural parcels and objects
2022 Residential – all parcels and objects
  …..future appraisals according to the intervals in the law.

Complementary appraisal

To capture changes in a specific property a complementary appraisal may be performed between two general appraisals.

In a complementary appraisal, only new properties and properties subject to change will be appraised. Complementary appraisal will be carried out every year between two general appraisals. In a complementary appraisal, the same value zones and value levels as in the last general appraisal will be applied.

Changes in a property may lead to a complementary appraisal of the property before the next general appraisal takes place.

The following are reason for a complementary appraisal:

  • New property (for example splitting or merging a parcel, construction of a new object)
  • Changed usage of the property in question 
  • Extensions that affect the appraised value more than 5 000 €
  • Substantial improvements that affect the value more than 5,000 €
  • Other investments that affect the value more than 5,000 €
  • Damages to the property that affect the value more than 5,000 €

As liable taxpayer, you are obliged to report changes through a self-declaration form.

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