Appraised value

The appraised value is the base for property tax. It is determined in regular intervals. You can see it in your certificate of appraised value or in our e-services.

When determining the property tax for a property the base is the appraised value.¹

This value is normally determined through a nationwide mass appraisal.

From 2018 all parcels and objects will be appraised in regular intervals, mainly through mass appraisal and the sales comparison method. However, for properties that have not yet been appraised according to this method the base for assessed tax is another value.

For properties appraised from 2018 Property tax department will issue a certificate of appraised value every time your property is appraised (normally every third year).  You can read more about how the appraised value was determined in the General Appraisal Reports. You can also see appraised values, value zones and value levels in our e-services.

The following categories have been appraised from 2018:

2018 All parcels in all property categories
Agricultural objects
2019 Residential parcels and objects

For properties appraised 2017 and earlier (commercial and industrial objects) you can find out the value level in your municipal property tax office.

¹ The base for assessed tax is the taxable value, which is the appraised value after any applicable deduction.

 Assessed tax = Taxable value * tax rate 
 Taxable value= Appraised value – applicable deduction