On this page, you will find links to all our e-services. Many of them are public, such as value zone maps and see appraised value of parcels. The print bill service, however, requires that you have registered your property with your personal number.

Print Bill and Certificate

You can view and print your property tax bill and certificate of appraised value from home. Please note, to be able to print the bill, your property must be registered under your personal number (in the municipality where the property is located).

See appraised value of parcels

By clicking on a parcel in the map or by typing a parcel number, you will, among other things, see appraised value, value category and value zone number of the parcel.

See appraise value of objects

This service is at the moment only available for agricultural objects. After selecting municipality and cadastral zone you will be able to select an object for which you want to see the see appraised value. You can also see value category and value zone number among others.

Value zone maps

The value zone maps show how the value per square meter varies due to location. In all municipalities there are several value zones with different value levels (value per square meter). Usually the value levels get higher the closer to a city center the property is located.

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