The most important news regarding property tax

From January 2019 new regulations apply regarding property tax. These are the most important news and some things you might need to do.

  • New payment dates for property tax: April 30 and September 30 according to the law. However, the dates for 2019 are June 28 and September 30.
  • Tax on land is implemented 2019 for parcels in the property categories forest, residential, commercial and industrial. For agricultural parcels tax on land is postponed.
  • All parcels, in all property categories have an official appraised value. All agricultural objects have an official appraised value. Other objects will be appraised the coming years.
  • You will get a Certificate of appraised value for your parcels (except agricultural) and agricultural objects with your Property tax bill.
  • The official appraised value is market value based.
  • general deduction is applied for parcels. It is deducted from the appraised value in order to have a gradual implementation of tax on land.
  • Cultivated land is exempted from property tax. This will apply when tax on land is implemented also for agricultural parcels.
  • Primary residence deduction is raised from 10,000 € to 15,000 €. You can only have one primary residence.
  • From 2020 you must register your personal number in the property tax register to benefit from primary residence deduction.

You should:

  • Request corrections if you find anything wrong regarding registered information about you or your property.
  • Register your personal number in the property tax register to have benefits
  • Make sure you get a Bill and a Certificate for all properties you own or possess. If you did not receive a bill for all your parcels and objects by March 1 please go to your municipal office or our e-service to get the bill.
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