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Property tax on land

Who owns YOUR property?

23 April, 2018 You regard yourself as the owner of a property – but can you prove it if you need to ?

The only way to prove your ownership is to have it registered in the Immovable Property Rights Register at your Municipal Cadastral Office. When your ownership is registered your property rights are secured and you will be regarded as the legal owner. As legal owner you will be able to use your property as security for loans, you can sell it and you can pass it on to your heirs.

If the ownership of a property is not correctly registered you are exposed to some risks:

  • In case you didn’t register your joint ownership of a property the registered owner might use the property to get loans or sell it without your authorization.

  • If you sold a property and didn’t make sure the buyer is registered as owner you will risk paying property tax for a property you already sold.

To assure that your ownership is correctly registered please visit your Municipal Cadastral Office to verify that you are registered as the legal owner.

We especially encourage women to ensure their property rights by registering their ownership.
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Why is it important to pay Property Tax?

By paying your property tax you participate in the efforts to improve quality of life in your municipality.

Property tax is needed for investments to improve roads, water supplies, sewerage, school buildings, etc.

Everybody who pays their property tax is taking an important part in the work with developing your municipality and therefore the whole country!

By paying property tax, you make a difference!