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Property tax on land

What´s the value of your land?

08 May, 2017 Find it out in our exhibition that starts in May!
A preliminary appraisal of all parcels of Kosovo has been carried out.
You will be able to learn more about appraisal and see the result of this in two ways:
  • Visit an exhibition in your municipality.
  • Visit this website to see more information (from May 16).

During the exhibition and on this website you will be able to:

  • Learn about appraisal of parcels
    1. Why
    2. When
    3. How

  • See the result of the preliminary appraisal in your municipality
    1. See preliminary value zones
    2. See preliminary value levels
    3. Find out preliminary value of your parcel (in most cases)

  • Give feedback and have comments on the result of the preliminary appraisal (only in your municipal property tax office).

On the first day of exhibition in each municipality you will have the possibility to meet valuers and staff from property tax department.

The exhibition starts at 10.00 o´clock on the dates below.

Municipality Date
Deçan May 18
Gjakovë May 18
Gllogoc May 24
Gjilan May 19
Dragash May 19
Istog May 29
Kaçanik May 29
Klinë May 22
Fushë Kosovë May 26
Kamenicë May 24
Mitrovicë May 18
Lipjan May 31
Novobërdë May 22
Obiliq May 19
Rahovec May 25
Pejë May 17
Podujevë May 17
Municipality Date
Prishtinë May 16
Prizren May 17
Skënderaj May 26
Shtime May 23
Shtërpcë May 25
Suharekë May 30
Ferizaj May 19
Viti May 23
Vushtrri May 22
Malishevë May 29
Junik May 24
Mamushë May 23
Hani i Elezit May 31
Graçanicë May 29
Ranillug May 17
Partesh May 25
Kllokot May 18

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Why is it important to pay Property Tax?

By paying your property tax you participate in the efforts to improve quality of life in your municipality.

Property tax is needed for investments to improve roads, water supplies, sewerage, school buildings, etc.

Everybody who pays their property tax is taking an important part in the work with developing your municipality and therefore the whole country!

By paying property tax, you make a difference!