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Who owns YOUR property?

23 April, 2018
Don’t take any risks with your property! Make sure your ownership is correctly registered in the Immovable Property Rights Register at your Municipal Cadastral Office. Read more...

Tax on land is implemented 2019

23 April, 2018
From 2019 property tax will be imposed also for parcels. You will get your first bill for property tax on land in January 2019.

Read more about tax on land here.

What´s the value of your land?

08 May, 2017
Find it out in our exhibition that starts in May!
A preliminary appraisal of all parcels of Kosovo has been carried out.
You will be able to learn more about appraisal and see the result of this in two ways:
  • Visit an exhibition in your municipality.
  • Visit this website to see more information (from May 16).

During the exhibition and on this website you will be able to: Read More

info What is Property Tax?

Property tax is a yearly, municipal tax. The income from Property tax is needed for infrastructure development in your municipality.

Property tax is imposed on all immovable property below or above the land surface.

The tax you have to pay is determined by multiplying the taxable value of your property with the applicable tax rate.

Some institutions and organizations are exempted from paying property tax.

How is income from Property Tax used?

Property tax is a municipal tax. This means that all income from property tax goes in to the municipal budget. Property tax Department recommend the municipalities to use this income only for improving the infrastructure. If you want to see how your municipality spent and plans to spend income from property tax click here.
Find out Spending on your Municipality here

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Why is it important to pay Property Tax?

By paying your property tax you participate in the efforts to improve quality of life in your municipality.

Property tax is needed for investments to improve roads, water supplies, sewerage, school buildings, etc.

Everybody who pays their property tax is taking an important part in the work with developing your municipality and therefore the whole country!

By paying property tax, you make a difference!